The Research Support Webinar Series(RSWS) will be hosted on the 25th November 2021 @15h00 CAT on a topic  “Commercialization of your Research Output – Application based Research”.

Title: Tangible High Quality Research Innovation Excellence  Output, Outcome and Impact Measurement Criteria

The presentation will focus on the research value chain from the description,  exploration, explanation to the output, outcome and impact.  Research output through patents, publications, policy briefs and exposure to various stakeholders  in  society will be presented by focusing on the creation of specific  and measurable impact in creating venture-start up incubators and accelerators. The Venture start up job creation from the output the post-graduate science, technology and innovations do will be highlighted as a case study. How to manage the regulatory challenges to protect publications, patents and presentations will be discussed. The innovative and entrepreneurial high quality productivity culture is much needed to transform and reform with a paradigm shift the current graduates who end up graduating but not achieving what is expected from their learning skills. There is much too much skill mis-match that needs to be addressed. Time to go from skill loss to skill gain and from mis-match to match through research excellence and innovation management.