The Journal of Creativity, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (JCISE)

The Journal of Creativity, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (JCISE) is a peer reviewed research journal belonging to Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). The JCISE is published annually by TUT. The journal welcomes and actively encourages postgraduate level students, supervisors and academics alike to publish their research findings once a year. The task of soliciting and reviewing research manuscripts is a core responsibility of the South African Research Chair Initiative (SARChI) in Innovation Studies. Most of the manuscripts published in the journal are a result of research work carried out by postgraduate level students and their supervisors at TUT. Significant assistance is provided to this effort by the Research & Innovation (R & I) Directorate of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). Social entrepreneurship entails efforts made by various start-up business enterprises to create, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues. A particular emphasis is made on socioeconomic factors that are known to affect the long-term viability and survival of start-up enterprises in Sub-Saharan African countries. The journal hopes to promote the exchange of valuable and innovative ideas and concepts on issues that are vital for the alleviation of poverty and underdevelopment in African countries. The journal is set up in order to foster the exchange of innovative ideas and the creation of economically enabling environments in developing nations. This journal will serve to stimulate and inspire knowledge creation on how social entrepreneurship promotes the free flow and exchange of innovative ideas, principles and novelty among all Africans with a view to realise a better future for all Africans.

TUT-JCISE aspires to be a publishing outlet for researchers within and outside TUT. To this end, contributions are solicited from all parts of the world. All submissions are peer-reviewed anonymously by suitably qualified and independent subject matter specialists and experts. TUT-JCISE is a young journal with great potential for growth in the next several years. TUT-JCISE welcomes contributions in the following areas of research:  

(1)   Original research papers

(2)   Topical and relevant research notes

(3)   Book reviews

(4)   Case studies on entrepreneurial activities, innovation and development  

(5)   Extracts from postgraduate level dissertations