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The Small and Medium Enterprise Ecosystem in Ethiopia: The Impact of Innovative Finance for improvement of the Manufacturing Sector By Ajebush Argaw Shafi&Mammo Muchie

Prof. Mammo Muchie’s TV Interview

Tigray rebels advance to neighbouring regions Conflict in Ethiopia is escalating after government warned that it could deploy its “entire defensive capability” to Tigray after rebels advanced to neighbouring regions. Addis Ababa said rebels were testing its patience and threatening the ceasefire called in June. Two opposition political parties have called

Prof. Mammo Muchie’s Television Interview

The Northern region of Ethiopia, Tigray has been marred by violence, leaving over a thousand people dead in the conflict. For more on this Pan-African scholar at the Tshwane University of Technology, Professor Mammo Muchie is on the line.

Prof. Mammo’s Radio Interview

Africa Focus: South Sudan 10 years of Independence & Ethiopia’s prosperity Party wins landslide victory