NES Commentary No.48

This is a message on the current grand renaissance dam written by the
acting director of the Ethiopian Women Association in Southern Africa. The
key message is that the electricity provision from the completion of the
Grand Renaissance Dam(GERD) will liberate all our women who struggle
very hard with wood and fuel to make all the families to survive. The young
and dynamic sister Dagmawit Aynalem has written a message to encourage
all the people to unite and all our women in Ethiopia from children to the
aged to join together and support the earliest possible completion of GERD.
I encourage you to read her message and send her your feedback to her: email:

Also all Ethiopians must support to make sure the well being of all our women and all the people is secure. The time must come where we never witness our women exposed to all kinds of risk as we keep witnessing in the Middle East. Let us all unite and support all our Ethiopian women by valuing them as our sisters and mothers. ( &

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