INNOVATION SYSTEMS-101 lecture series

Prof. Chris Freeman was a renowned scholar and founder of innovation system. He was Prof. Mammo Muchie’s PhD supervisor. Sincere appreciation to Dr. Rajesh for initiating with our discussion to open the CRIS Institute. We had the annual Chris Freeman lecture initiated with Dr Fayez. Now both can be done with the innovation system 101. Prof. Chris Freeman was a renowned distinguished scholar and founder of innovation system modelled development approach. He was Prof Mammo Muchie’s supervisor who has inspired him uniquely by acknowledging that Africa the imperialist rejected will be the corner of the arch. He said “Mammo do not worry, Africa will rise”. Mammo is still waiting to realise the inventive, innovative, integrated, united and developed Africa.

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A few GlobeLics alumni are organising a lecture series titled ‘INNOVATION SYSTEMS-101’ as a tribute to Christopher Freeman, in his birth centenary year- 2021.

The target audience is budding researchers, grad-students and inter-disciplinarians who aspire to use the analytical frame of Innovation Systems (IS) in their research, but lack a thorough grounding in the theory.

The lecture series is designed to serve as a ‘text book’, giving them an opportunity to listen to and network with scholars already working in the domain.

While the lectures are handled by early career researchers, senior Innovation – scholars chair and discuss.

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