First Pretoria Declaration on GERD Conference

“The declaration outcome on the Nile Basin Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD)  at the conference held on June 27, 2020 organised by the Ethiopian embassy in collaboration with the EPASA ( Ethiopian Professional Association in Southern Africa ( for Ethiopia to finalize the filling and the full construction of the dam at the earliest possible time  by managing intelligently the  shameful opposition that has been done by the Egyptian rulers. The declaration is  translated from the original Amharic version into  Arabic, English, and French. It is done in four languages to reach globally all the people to support the earliest completion of the GERD. We call upon all the people who speak the different languages and do all they can to support Ethiopia that has been denied her sovereign right to the water of the Nile River despite the fact that 86 % of the water; that principally Egypt has been using for centuries without paying compensation except when the Turkish Sultan  time;uses  flows and cascades water and soil from Ethiopia.”

The declaration is drafted  by the Ethiopian Embassy in South Africa, the Ethiopian Professional Association in Southern Africa (EPASA) and Africa Speaks  and approved by  the hundreds of participants in the first conference on GERD  held  by on line zoom in Pretoria, South Africa.

The Declaration in Amharic

The Declaration in Arabic

The Declaration in English

The Declaration in Frenchère-déclaration-de-Pretoria-sur-la-conférence-GERD-1.pdf