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China–Africa science and technology collaboration: evidence from collaborative research papers and patents

Mammo Muchie & Swapan Kumar Patra


This research paper explores how the China–Africa Science and Technology (S&T) relationship has evolved over the years based on two specific outputs: research publications and patents. China–Africa S&T collaborations have evolved after China engaged actively with African countries. China has collaborated with a number of African countries in both publications and patents more than the current inter-African collaborations. However, Chinese collaborations are limited with very few African countries (For example, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco) that are comparatively stronger in S&T infrastructure than many other African countries. This research demonstrates that the China–Africa collaboration is increasing and is likely to grow in the coming years as China is emerging as a leading global research hub in the world.

KEYWORDS: ChinaAfricabibliometricscientometricspatentsChina-Africa collaborationco-authorship networksscientific collaborationsocial network analysisGephiUCINETNetDraw

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