Ethiopia Deserves Nothing Else Other than to Make all Citizens United Freed from the Ethnic Federal Predicament Curse! by Mammo Muchie DSI/NRF Rated SARChI Research Chair, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment and Department of Industrial Engineering ,Tshwane University of Technology: &

Imagining Ethiopia Beyond War and Poverty

The Two-Year War between Two Strategic Allies in the Horn of Africa Mammo Muchie Citation for published version (APA):Muchie, M. (2000). Imagining Ethiopia Beyond War and Poverty: The Two-Year War between Two StrategicAllies in the Horn of Africa. Institut for Historie, Internationale Studier og Samfundsforhold, Aalborg Universitet.

NES Commentary No.48

This is a message on the current grand renaissance dam written by theacting director of the Ethiopian Women Association in Southern Africa. Thekey message is that the electricity provision from the completion of theGrand Renaissance Dam(GERD) will liberate all our women who strugglevery hard with wood and fuel to make

Time Now for the Final Resolution of the Nile River Controversy: Lessons Riparian Countries and External Observers Must learn from the Lesotho and South Africa Agreement

Kidane Alemayehu* & Mammo Muchie** *Kidane AlemayehuFounder of Global Alliance for JusticeE-Mail: **Mammo MuchieDSI/NRF SARChI Research ProfessorTshwane University of TechnologyNetwork of Ethiopian Scholars ( &

SARChI Working Paper Series No. 2015-006

South African Competency in High Technology: An exploration of patents granted in USPTO to South African Inventors Swapan Kumar Patra and Mammo Muchie Abstract In the post-apartheid era, new democratically elected South African Government had realized the role of technology and innovation for the national development. The science and technology based industries

SARChI Working Paper Series No. 2015-007

What Can South Africa Learn from High Technology Patents in India: An Analysis of ICT and Biotechnology Industry through USPTO Swapan Kumar Patra and Mammo Muchie Abstract Economic success of a nation is highly related to technological capability building. Therefore, both industrially developed and developing nations follow explicit strategies to increase their

SARChI Working Paper Series No. 2015-003

The viability of African Entrepreneurial activities in the Tourism sector: A case of Tshwane Municipality, Gauteng Province Byamukama John Berchmans, Mammo Muchie & Worku Zeleke ABSTRACT This paper seeks to identify and quantify the socio-economic factors that adversely affect the viability of African entrepreneurial activities in the tourism sector in the Gauteng