A case study: Ethiopia building research bridges with regional actors and Europe” February 14, 2022


A case study: Ethiopia building research bridges with regional actors and Europe

February 14, 2022


This session will consider how Ethiopian universities, research institutes and centres in collaboration with regional actors can help shape the future of AU-EU common research agenda to promote the collaboration potential with Europe. The session will focus both on policy related issues and on practical collaboration opportunities.

Recently, a virtual roundtable conference was held. Both Ethiopian and      European stakeholders highlighted the need for further collaboration.( https://researchethiopia.medium.com/networking-through-the-virtual-conference-on-research-excellence-in-ethiopia-16c8e2c8391b)

Conference participants identified collaboration areas both on sectoral basis (such as agriculture, food, education, engineering), and impact basis (job creation, entrepreneurship, skill development, peace and security). The conference served how Ethiopia can build research bridges between Ethiopian and regional research related stakeholders in Africa and in Europe.

The upcoming EU-AU research partnership discussion will raise several crucial issues, including climate change and financing climate adaption, energy transition, fairer international tax system, COVID-19 pandemic, and several other topics. The results of the discussions will be reflected in the EU’s policy decisions on EU-AU research collaboration mechanisms. These decisions will become tangible in the funding that will be made available through the Horizon European and the NDICI (Neighborhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument) programs.

It is essential for Ethiopian universities and research organizations to understand AU-EU collaboration mechanisms and processes. What are the research bridges that Ethiopia has with regional actors and Europe? How can Ethiopia strengthen the existing collaboration and create new ones? What does Ethiopia want to include in the formal agreements of the AU-EU partnership strategic plans?

This session aims to provide up-to-date information on the above questions and discuss how the specific research agenda of Ethiopia can be aligned with regional research agendas. The meeting will also extend the awareness about EU-AU partnership programs and collaboration mechanisms from diverse perspectives, including research, innovation, learning, capacity development and networking.


The Ethiopian universities have been affected by the on-going conflict. Inclusive and collaborative research of the universities within Ethiopia, the region and in Europe will bring positive outcome and impact. Support from Horizon EU program and NDICI to enhance research collaboration with Ethiopian universities will bring very tangible and constructive development in the learning, teaching, research and community service spheres altogether. Practical ideas and plans how to create concrete research applications by including Ethiopian with European universities should be explored.