Prof. Mammo’s Radio Interview

Ethiopian African calendar is neither Julian not Gregorian. It the combination of the lunar and solar with the birth of Christ.

Prof. Mammo’s Radio Interview on Ethiopia’s Hydroelectric Dam: It’s Significance and Controversy

Dr. Mammo Muchie's Radio interview on the significance and controversy of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam(GERD). The dam will be the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa and the the seventh largest in the world. Ethiopia will provide reliable electricity to its citizens and neighboring African nations. However, Egypt has been opposed

Integrating Indigenous African Knowledge

This video, recorded on August 8, 2020, is a dialogue between Kalu Osiri and eminent professor, Mammo Muchie. Take a listen to new insights on excavating and integrating indigenous knowledge from Africa into the education system.

Prof. Mammo’s Interview

The interview is on how to find practical solutions with full agreement by all to get the grand Renaissance Dam to fill on time with the 86 % of Nile River water that flows from upstream Ethiopia to down stream Sudan and Egypt United Media House on 19 January 2020