Happy New Year

Happy new year 2013. All of you deserve a gift of Ethiopianism. Let Ethiopia become green, integrated, creative, sustainable, inventive and innovative free from the ethnic corona virus that the politicians selfishly promote and hurt the people and the Ethiopia with whose name we have the 1829 and 1896 Manifestos

Ethiopian Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa

In Cape Town, South Africa Prof. Mammo Muchie joined invitees at the unique culturally rich Ethiopian restaurant founded by Ato Solomon and his family. The restaurant is on 77 Long Street in Cape Town. It is a unique cultural treasure indeed. All of you if you go to Cape Town

Happy Ethiopian New Year

The year 2012 (Ethiopian Calendar) there has been a strong message to be conveyed both in Ethiopia and across the world on the Ethiopian unity. It is to be spread through poetry, songs, music, speeches and media to remove the ethnic based division. Ethiopianism blessings and celebrations in the Ethiopian