Happy New Year

Happy new year 2013. All of you deserve a gift of Ethiopianism. Let Ethiopia become green, integrated, creative, sustainable, inventive and innovative free from the ethnic corona virus that the politicians selfishly promote and hurt the people and the Ethiopia with whose name we have the 1829 and 1896 Manifestos

First Pretoria Declaration on GERD Conference

"The declaration outcome on the Nile Basin Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD)  at the conference held on June 27, 2020 organised by the Ethiopian embassy in collaboration with the EPASA ( Ethiopian Professional Association in Southern Africa (https://www.ethpasa.org/) for Ethiopia to finalize the filling and the full construction of the dam

NES Commentary No.48

This is a message on the current grand renaissance dam written by theacting director of the Ethiopian Women Association in Southern Africa. Thekey message is that the electricity provision from the completion of theGrand Renaissance Dam(GERD) will liberate all our women who strugglevery hard with wood and fuel to make

NES Commentary 47 in Amharic

ባንትይሁን ትእዛዙ, M.Eng., P.Eng., PMP, Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada Founder 4EPR Enterprise, (www.4epr.org) ፈቃዱ ፉላስ, RPh, PhD Research Preceptor; Clinical Pharmacist. UnityPoint Health, St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, Sioux City, Iowa, USA (newsletter.p2pbridge.org) ማሞ ሙጨ, DST/NRF Research Professor on Science, Technology and Innovation, Faculty of Engineering , Tshwane University of