Russia-Ukraine crisis from Chinese TV news

NB:  Sharing the link the CCTV released  in Chinese :The conflict between Russia and Ukraine should be resolved by peaceful means, instead of being prolonged and intensfied by some forces. The United States has intervened in and provoked conflicts in many countries, and such acts of war should be stopped.

Tesfaldet Esubalew [Lecture]

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A Very Significant 11th  International Conference on Cotton, Textile, and Apparel Value Chain in Africa (CTA-2023).

Please see the concept not in  the brochure attached. Contributors and speakers from all parts of Africa are invited and welcomed to stimulate  The Exact Date of the 11th International Conference (CTA-2023) is May26-27, 2023 . All research paper presenters and speakers, kindly send  the a) Tile, b) abstract, c) brief