Ethiopia-Tigray conflict

Ethiopia-Tigray conflict | Ethiopia warns international community to stay out of country's affairs Tigrayan refugees fleeing violence in Ethiopia recount seeing people being killed in the streets and hearing gunshots being fired. Many of the refugees ran through the streets away from the violence before being able to make their way

Prof. Mammo’s Radio Interview

Calls to protect civilians in Ethiopia as decisive battle looms. MARKAZ SAHABA ONLINE RADIO  |  THE CURRENT AFFAIRS SHOW WITH ELPHAS NKOSI Download 10.0 MB  Professor Mammo MuchieDST-NRF SARChI Chair in Innovation Studies, Tshwane University of Technology

Ethiopia crisis: Fears of Civil war

Some analysts are worried about a possible civil war in Ethiopia after it declared a state of emergency in the Northern region of Tigray. DST/NRF Research Professor at the Faculty of Management Sciences, Tshwane University of Technology, Prof Mammo Muchie spoke to eNCA's Morena Mothupi. Courtesy of #DStv403