Ethiopia Deserves Nothing Else Other than to Make all Citizens United Freed from the Ethnic Federal Predicament Curse! by Mammo Muchie DSI/NRF Rated SARChI Research Chair, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment and Department of Industrial Engineering ,Tshwane University of Technology: &

Imagining Ethiopia Beyond War and Poverty

The Two-Year War between Two Strategic Allies in the Horn of Africa Mammo Muchie Citation for published version (APA):Muchie, M. (2000). Imagining Ethiopia Beyond War and Poverty: The Two-Year War between Two StrategicAllies in the Horn of Africa. Institut for Historie, Internationale Studier og Samfundsforhold, Aalborg Universitet.

An assessment of South African technological capability using patent data from WIPO Patentscope database

Swapan Kumar Patra  & Mammo Muchie Abstract The Post-Apartheid South African Government has produced three white papers (1996–2008), (2008–2018) and (2018–2028) on science technology and innovation for national development. In all these policy documents, science and technology-based industries are considered as priority areas in socioeconomic development. Using the Technological Capability (TC) framework, this