Integrating Indigenous African Knowledge

This video, recorded on August 8, 2020, is a dialogue between Kalu Osiri and eminent professor, Mammo Muchie. Take a listen to new insights on excavating and integrating indigenous knowledge from Africa into the education system.

Sovereign Security Conference 2020

The future of threats, trends and opportunities in national security efforts and defence technology. Technology is a force multiplier and is tremendously important in sovereign security, especially when it comes to surveillance and cyber warfare. Technology is creating new threats, such ashostile drones, and these new threats are emerging

Ethiopians Need to Work Hard and Complete GERD, Says Scholar

Addis Ababa  August  1/2020 (ENA) The people and the government of Ethiopia should continue working very hard and maximize their effort to realize the completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which is “a source of national pride,” a scholar said.  In an exclusive interview with ENA, Department of Science