An assessment of South African technological capability using patent data from WIPO Patentscope database

Swapan Kumar Patra  & Mammo Muchie Abstract The Post-Apartheid South African Government has produced three white papers (1996–2008), (2008–2018) and (2018–2028) on science technology and innovation for national development. In all these policy documents, science and technology-based industries are considered as priority areas in socioeconomic development. Using the Technological Capability (TC) framework, this

Prof. Mammo Muchie’s Lecture

The Thomas Sankara University, founded in 2020  is running the first  FasoLics Conference virtually on January 28, 2021. The Pan-African Prof. Mammo Muchie will deliver the keynote address on: Science, Technology and Innovation to Create the Sovereign Health Security of Hope in Africa to Resolve the Covid-19 Pandemic.

ECDCR Internal Ed Series

E-CDCR'sInternal Education group is pleased to introduce this week's  distinguished guest, Professor Mammo Muchie who graciously accepted to address us on a topic that is dear to all of us.   We feature Professor Mammo Muchie, a distinguished Educator, Academe, and Researcher in this week's session of our weekly Sunday series presenting:  "Know

Radio Interview of Prof. Mammo Muchie

Nile dam talks hit yet another roar MARKAZ SAHABA ONLINE RADIO  |  THE CURRENT AFFAIRS SHOW WITH ELPHAS NKOSI Download 4.9 MB  Professor Mammo Muchie, African analyst & Research Professor on Innovation studies at Tshwane University of Technology.

Talks between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on the Nile River fail

World News: In conversation with Professor Mammo Muchie on why the talks between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on the filling and operations of Ethiopia’s dam on the Nile River have failed. Tensions have been high in the Nile basin ever since Ethiopia broke ground on the dam in 2011.Guest: Professor