Title: China-Africa Science, Technology and Innovation Collaboration: Discovering the Mutually Beneficial Relations 2022 BRICS Network University Annual Conference International

Symposium on  Economic Elements of Partnership: Trade, Finance and Investment Governance with BRICS by Mammo Muchie, DPhil: DST/NRF Rated Research Professor  Tshwane University of Technology, Adjunct Professor, BDU, UoG & Haramaya University, Ethiopia, and Africa Centre of Excellence in Data Science, University of Rwanda;TMDC, Oxford University & Chairman of AGAVA in South Africa April

Indigenous Knowledge and African Innovation Systems (I)

This is taught by Imminent Professor Mammo Muchie (Elder at Osiri University) and Dr. Paul Easterling (Malami and Oga of Humanities).In this course, you will learn about innovations achieved by Africans through cooperation in communal settings. You will be inspired by how Africans achieved so much with so little and