Prof. Mammo Muchie’s Radio Interview

Outcome of Ethiopia’s elections hard to predict Ethiopians are voting today in national and regional elections taking place against the backdrop of war and famine in the northern Tigray region. It is the first electoral test for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who rose to power in 2018 championing a democratic revival

Imagining Ethiopia Beyond War and Poverty

The Two-Year War between Two Strategic Allies in the Horn of Africa Mammo Muchie Citation for published version (APA):Muchie, M. (2000). Imagining Ethiopia Beyond War and Poverty: The Two-Year War between Two StrategicAllies in the Horn of Africa. Institut for Historie, Internationale Studier og Samfundsforhold, Aalborg Universitet.

Africa Europe Science & Innovation Summit

Overview of Africa Science Programmes and Policies Mammo Muchie & António Batel Anjo Monday, June 14 • 3:00pm - 4:00pm Virtual Room: Ethiopia

Africa Europe Science & Innovation Summit

14th-18th June 2021 Prof. Mammo's presentation on Strategic Framework on International Cooperation(SFIC) in Science, Technology: The Work of the Africa Task Force

‘Putting Africa First’ – Revisited Dear all, professor Mammo Muchie has founded a new international organization for South South cooperation in Innovation Studies - ASSIST The first conference is a revisit of his 2003 book, the widely cited 'Putting Africa First" he co authored with Bengt Ake and Peter Gammeltoft. The seminar series starts on 16 August.