THC2019 Feedback Report

The SA Innovation Summit hosted the XVII Triple Helix International Conference as part of its mandate to facilitate the multi-helix conversation. On 9 – 11 September, academics, policy makers, practitioners, students gathered together in the Cape Town Stadium to engage and discuss in the Entrepreneurial University, Triple Helix concept,

African Innovation Week 2019

African Innovation week 2019 held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia organized by IBA Ethiopia Center for Innovation in collaboration with The Federal Ministry of Innovation & Technology of Ethiopia, the African Union, Oslo International Hub, ENNC – Ethiopian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders.

Academic Excellence Award 2018

Dr. Swapan Kumar Patra received the institutional award certificate of best Post Doctoral researcher for the year 2018 from Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa. The award has been received by Prof.  Mammo Muchie. A great moment of joy and celebration for our SARChI-Innovation Studies research group.

Innovating Innovation for Africans to Finally Own Africa.

By Mammo Muchie October 31, 2019 The biggest challenge Africa continues to face is the unending reality that Africans still have not succeeded to own Africa. We have been talking about unity, but we have failed to unite. We remain divided. Unity is talk; division is a reality. Ubuntu is